From Arduino Hobbyist To Pro Embedded Engineer (Waiting list)

I will show everything you should know to be a pro embedded engineer (and 8x your income)

Expensive Problems Require Expensive Skills. If You Don't Properly Learn Them, You're Limiting Your Potential (and Income).

If you’ve ever struggled to learn embedded systems, you’re not alone.

Many embedded students start their journey by learning Arduino.

While it’s a good starting point, you will soon trapped into what I called The Arduino Trap.

Arduino is original aimed at artists and hobbyists, not embedded systems engineer.

And because of that, Arduino has lots of simplifications and hidden rules that are bad practices in real embedded engineering:

👉 Encourages you to write a single big file to write firmware
👉 Hide most compile and flash steps
👉 Doesn't care about memory management (especially fragmentation)

Yes, Arduino is easy and fun. But if you don't upskill yourself ASAP, there are consequences:

  • Stuck with the same skill level
  • Struggle to work with other embedded projects
  • Limiting career potential, and thus lead the worst thing…
  • …Limiting your income potential

Here's my story

I used to be an Arduino hobbyist. I can build various Arduino projects with existing libraries. As long as the project uses Arduino (board or framework), I can understand it.

But whenever I got presented with embedded projects outside Arduino, I froze. I didn’t know what I was working on, I didn’t know how to navigate it.

For example, I was once asked to work with TI CC2640. I struggle to even understand the example code.

I asked myself, how this project compiles? Why is there lots of flags to compile C files? Why can’t I use Arduino libraries?

It was the weirdest feeling ever asking such questions.

I have years of experience with Arduino and yet I struggle to understand TI environment.

It wasn't right.

I said “This is too… different…

From that point, I realized that Arduino experience won’t give you real understanding of embedded systems.

I was furious.

I switched my mindset and try my hardest and my best to unlearn and relearn tons of embedded concepts, I was obsessed to be a senior embedded engineer.

“be a pro” become my mantra.

I’ve spent 10+ years to get to this point now.

A decade isn’t a short period of time if you ask me, and I don’t want other Arduino hobbyist waste 10 years of their life.

So, I decided to write a book to unveil everything I know to transform myself from an Arduino hobbyist into a pro embedded systems engineer.

And if you apply the book correctly, you should easily understand every embedded projects, unstuck your embedded skill issues, unleash your career potential, thus multiplying your income.

Do you know how much I’ve multiplied my income since transforming myself from Arduino hobbyist into pro embedded engineer?


And I think you deserve that multiplier too.

In the book, I’ll unveil everything I know so you can discover:

  • Embedded learning principles
  • How to unlearn Arduino bad practices
  • How to learn embedded best practices
  • What you should know as a pro embedded engineer
  • How to keep expanding your embedded knowledge horizon

If you’re ready to (finally) level up your embedded skills (and multiply your income), then join the waiting list for the book below.

The insights could just what you need to take your embedded career to the next level.

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